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Winton White began voice acting ever since watching Robin Williams and Babs Bunny from Tiny Toons on T.V.
Professionally, Winton began as soon as he returned to Japan in 2015, getting connected with various voice actors/narrators in the greater Tokyo area.
Formerly active as a freelance countertenor & tenor vocalist in the San Francisco Bay Area, Winton is still active as a vocalist in the classical/jazz/musicals genre and electric bassist in the Yokohama-Tokyo area.
He is a member of various agencies, including Soli Consultants, DAG Music, echoes, Aqua Models, and more.
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ナレーター・声優 履歴





Google「グーグル・アドフェスト CM」

ベネッセ「子供チャレンジ」 ナレーター/声優 /ボーカル
NHK「えいごであそぼ」 “Hi, Tabby!” 部分レギュラー

Bandai Namco「東京ゲームショー」イベント逐次通訳


「英検 EIKEN TEAP」GTEC / Book CD 声出演

「LINE ブラウンファーム」声出演

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