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Large Ensemble



Americana Variations (2016)

for wind ensemble

commissioned by Project: ​音 Sound 음



Petite Suite (2013)

for chamber orchestra



Gekiranbu (2013)

for percussion ensemble

commissioned by Singapore Wind Symphony



eXertudes  (2006)

for chamber orchestra


Allegro Sardonicus  (2005)

for solo tuba and wind ensemble


Art song


4 Seasons of Chūya Nakahara  (2016-17)

for alto and piano

written for Cris Law

This Bird  (2014)

for mezzo-soprano and guitar

written for Jarring Sounds


Two Japanese Lullabies  (2013)

for voice and flute


Daybreak (2010)

for soprano and piano

Bell of New Year’s Eve (2009)


for voice and piano


Mementos of American Poets  (2008)

for baritone, clarinet, violin,

cello, and piano

unrelated poems by A.K. (2006)

for mezzo-soprano and piano

Chamber Ensemble

Dance With Me  (2012)

for string trio


Odori  (2007) 

for string quartet and tenor timpani

written for the Afiara String Quartet


Narrow is the Road  (2008)

for 2 marimbas

Published by C. Alan Publications



Innocence  (2007)

for flute (oboe) & bassoon



Fire Dance (2005)

for string quartet


Beer for Choir (2012) 

for chamber choir

written for Clerestory


Chrysopylae  (2011)

for double SATB choir



Preces & Responses (2010)

for ATB choir (or SATB)

commissioned by SF Renaissance Voices


Zui Zui Zukkorobashi (2009)


for SATB choir

written for the SF Choral Artists

Published by Pavane Music

Solo instrumental



Kirishitan Mantra (2016)

for solo percussion/marimba

commissioned by Iskandar Rashid

Giggity Gigue (2015)

for piano

commissioned by David Conte

Rising up Mount Fuji (2014)

for flute and piano

commissioned by Lynda Huang

Save the .WAV  (2010)

for marimba and electronics


Erratic Tale  (2009)

for solo flute

for Brandon George

Nocturne of the Water Lilies  (2009)

for solo marimba

commissioned by Asako Okamoto

Published by C. Alan Publications


Sonatinet Classique  (2003)

for flute and piano


Childhood Reflections  (2002)

for piano


Appassionato (2016) 

short film by Brandley Evans

HAFU the Film  (2013)

documentary by Megumi Nishikura

and Lara Perez Takagi

A Clear View trailer (2005)

short film by Michael Olson

Nigel Stone (2003)

short comedy by Michael Olson



Ravel's String Quartet in F

(2nd mov. only)

for guitar trio

written for Mobius Trio

Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring

for chamber orchestra

written for SF Chamber Orchestra in collaboration w/ Elizabeth Kimble, Jonathan Russel, Noah Luna, & Anthony Porter

Pharrell's "Happy"

for show choir, marimba, & rhythm section


Prelude & Fugue, Op.87

for woodwind quintet

- No. 1 in C

- No. 12 in G#m

- No. 15 in Db

- No. 16 in Ab

John Denver's "Music is You"

for show choir and piano

for young musicians

Violin & Cello Duet  (2012)

for young musicians




Anna’s Song  (2012)

for solo violin



Tristan Travels  (2012)

for solo cello




Piano Trio for Young Musicians  (2007-2008)

- for solo piano

- for piano trio

Winton Yuichiro White

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